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About Zina Oster - Business Consultant in Costa Rica

My name is Zina Oster, I semi retired a couple years ago and relocated to Costa Rica. My professional business experience background includes business consulting C - Level Executives, small, medium and large fortune 500 companies. I specialize in identifying specific problem areas and providing strategic solutions that resolve hidden obstacles that typically prevent companies and individuals to develop growth and efficiencies that will allow the local business and community members to deliver better customer experiences.

My expertise includes extensive experience and knowledge in technology, systems, processes, brand and marketing. I have a keen ability to quickly identify and target the areas that need attention to improve overall results for the company.  




Change the landscape of the marketplace by provide impact solutions to the local community and business in the Manuel Antonio and Quepos areas. Many local businesses have great products and services but do not yet have the modern technology efficiencies and professional services that prevent them from meeting their full potential. Manuel Antonio is a popular tourist area but is lacking in skilled and professional resources which limits the ability to provide quality services. Therefore, not delivering the quality of expected services which results in missed opportunities and leaving a ton of money on table.   

My goal is to assemble a team that can deliver turn key solutions, that are easy to understand and implement. Provide consulting services support and develop the community leaders in the area. 


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