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Living and Working in Paradise

Join the many expats who relocated to Costa Rica to live and work in Paradise. This magical place in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica captures your heart and draws you in. Never did I expect to find this magical place but from the moment I arrived I instantly knew that this was the place for me. I love the jungle, ocean, environment, the small community and the wonderful people I have met so far on this new journey.

I will never forget the look on my sons faces when I told my three sons that I fell in LOVE with Manuel Antonio. I returned home a few months earlier than expected so they asked me why I was back so soon. I proceeded to tell them that I fell in love with Manuel Antonio, not for a moment did I realize that they were thinking it was in love and was eloping with some hot fabio looking dude. The great news about that unplanned and unexpected incident it that it was so much easier to share the rest of the news that I was packing everything up and moving out of the country.

Long story short it was it was the beginning of the new chapter in my life of living and working in Costa Rica. Please stay tuned to my future blogs as I continue to share some interesting adventures that followed. #ZO

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